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Education in Interdysciplinary Doctoral School - Acedemia Copernicana (74510405)

(in Polish: Kształcenie w interdyscyplinarnej szkole doktorskiej - Academia Copernicana)
doctoral school
full-time, 4-year studies (8 semesters)
Language: English, Polish

General information

The Interdisciplinary Doctoral School (Academia Copernicana) at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in the humanities, in medical and health sciences, in the social sciences, in exact and natural sciences, in theology and in arts was established on 28 May 2019 by the regulation No. 67 of the NCU Rector.


Education at the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School (Academia Copernicana) lasts 4 years and ends with the submission of a doctoral dissertation. The main objectives of the education program include preparation of the doctoral dissertation, acquiring competences enabling independent scientific research carried out on a national level as well as in international teams, gaining experience facilitating integration of scientific activity with the economic and social environment and acquiring competences to carry out activities related to university teaching. Education of doctoral students is based on the education program adopted by the resolution of the senate and an individual research plan.

Resolution No. 31 of the Senate of the Nicolaus Copernicus University of June 22, 2021 on the framework education programs in Interdisciplinary Doctoral School Academia Copernicana

Recruitment in main mode

In accordance with Art. 6 and Art. 7 of the resolution of the Senate of the NCU of May 28, 2019 on the admission requirements and recruitment procedure to the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School (Academia Copernicana), the recruitment procedure is contest-based and conditional on the documentation specified in Art. 6 of the resolution and an interview. The following detailed requirements apply to evaluate the candidate's suitability for academic work, the candidate's level of knowledge, as well as the research project proposed for implementation at the Doctoral School.

Detailed requirements of the recruitment procedure 

Recruitment schedule:

I round recruitment schedule:

  • registration via the IRK website (NCU online application system): 25 May - 24 June 2022
  • submission of documents: 25 May – 24 June 2022
  • interviews: 4 - 15 July 2022
  • announcement of results: 19 July 2022

 II round recruitment schedule: 

  • registration via the IRK website (NCU online application system): 1-8 September 2022 (by 2:00 p.m.)
  • submission of documents: 1-8 September 2022 (by 2:00 p.m.)
  • interviews: 19-23 September 2022
  • announcement of results: 29 September 2022

Projects 2022


II round recruitment: https://www.ac.umk.pl/2022-2023/additional-round/

Recruitment in grant mode

Projects 2021 


Admission procedures:

Visit the following page for details on admission procedures: https://irk.umk.pl/pl